With the click of a shutter, Erin Hogue might be called the calm before the storm – the winter storm that is –
this is evident in her body of work ranging from documenting snowboarders grinding it out in the dawn of frigidly cold Alaskan mornings, to capturing the perfect lighting in downtown Toronto weddings, from driving across Canada to document Rob Dyer’s Skate4Cancer mission, to Pemberton horse-ranch fashion shoots in frost-covered fields, to splitboarding, snowboarding, and snowmobiling throughout British Columbia’s Sea to Sky backcountry.

Erin’s passion for capturing split-second moments in time was first ignited as a young teen in the suburbs of Toronto when stumbling upon an old camera of her fathers, an AE1 Program Canon 35mm from the 80s. Years later, after receiving a BFA in photography from Ryerson University and numerous accolades, she still remains enthralled by photography’s endless potential, the way its always changing, and being able to continuously learn.

Four years ago, Erin relocated to Whistler, BC, because of the snow and how it reflects the sunlight so well and how peaceful it is to shoot, and for the sledding with all the adventure and challenges it encompasses while getting “the shot” – truly living up to that aforementioned calm-before-the storm image.

Written by Natalie Langmann